Cynthia Lopez


One of Salt Lake City’s oldest neighborhoods, The Granary District, has been in the process of revitalization and Helix has been a contributing factor to this renovation. The INDUSTRY SLC project began as an abandoned steel foundry and has since become modern office spaces that can be rented out to different companies. The 300,000 square INDUSTRY SLC

The Beth El Synagogue – La Jolla, California

The Beth El Synagogue in La Jolla, California, can rest assured their congregation members are safe thanks to #TeamHelix and the installation of a new state-of-the-art security system. Congregation Beth El is a synagogue whose mission is to create a home for every soul by offering a variety of Jewish experiences to nourish the mind, The Beth El Synagogue – La Jolla, California

ABC National Diversity Excellence Award

We are honored to receive the National Diversity Excellence Award from ABC National in recognition of the hard work #TeamHelix members contribute to the field. We will always strive to dedicate a high level of excellence into every project we encounter. Read the article below for more information! 2020 ABC National Diversity Excellence Award

2021 Women in Construction Week

Happy International Women’s Day & Women in Construction Week! To all the women in our industry, our partners, and our #TeamHelix employees – Thank You! Helix Electric is proud to celebrate and support you this week and always!

Ventura County Solar

The Ventura County landscape is changing thanks to #TeamHelix Solar. The 2.89 MW-DC Ventura College project consisted of 7,812 modules where our team oversees the engineering, procurement, and construction. We are scheduled to finish in a few short months!

#TeamHelix Interns

There’s no substitute for on-the-job experience. #TeamHelix interns apply what they learn in the classroom to the jobsite–in a collaborative and hands-on environment. Whether they are counting fixtures on Bluebeam, Inc. or tracking progress through HoloBuilder , our interns make valuable contributions to the success of every project they work on.

Meow Wolf Las Vegas

The opening of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, at AREA15 in Las Vegas, is one of the most unique and interesting projects we have ever done. The Omega Mart merges art with technology to create an immersive experience for visitors unlike any other in Las Vegas. This one-of-a-kind experience relies heavily on complex lighting and powering Meow Wolf Las Vegas

Black History Month 2021

In honor of Black History Month #TeamHelix would like to recognize the invaluable contributions black inventors have made throughout history to shape our lives. Granville T. Woods was the first African American Mechanical and Electrical Engineer after the Civil War. He was a prolific inventor, with over 150 patents. He sold many of his inventions Black History Month 2021

Silica Safety

Safety is a priority for #TeamHelix. Thanks Ferdy Ramirez for taking the time to educate and train our Helix Family on the dangers of being exposed to silica. San Diego team member Alex Lopez takes silica safety seriously; seen here drilling holes into a concrete vault at a switching station for Naval Base, SD. By Silica Safety

Auric Symphony Park

Auric Symphony Park is the first residential component within Las Vegas’ visionary Symphony Park development. This luxury apartment complex includes 324 units and approximately 14,500 square feet of retail and restaurants. #TeamHelix and Martin-Harris Construction are excited to build the next great living experience at Auric Park with a resort-style pool, resident lounge, fitness center Auric Symphony Park