Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility

  • Location

    Fresno, CA

  • Owner

    City of Fresno

  • General Contractor

    W.M. Lyles Co.

The Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility project is a new 58-acre water treatment plant, located in Fresno, CA, designed to treat 80 million gallons per day and provide drinking water from a local river source to the City residents. The treatment process includes pre-treatment basins, ozone disinfection structure, and filters. The facility also includes an 8 million gallon treated water reservoir, chemical building, treated water and backwash pump station, washwater recovery, solids lagoons and pump station, electrical substation, operations building, and a maintenance building.

Project News

Fresno Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility

W. M. Lyles Co.

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Fresno’s new water treatment facility complete and running

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BSK Associates

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