Port of Long Beach Pier J Shore to Ship Power Upgrade

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA

  • Owner

    Port Of Long Beach

  • General Contractor

    Helix Electric, Inc.

This project includes four miles of open trenching through an operating Port to distribute utility power to four new 1200A/15kV substations. The substations transform the utility power to 6.6kV and provide switching for twenty Shore Power Outlet locations spread across two separate wharfs. In addition, the 6.6kV Shore to Ship power is monitored and metered at each substation through PLC with HMI access. The 6.6kV power is extended from the substations underground and under wharf to feed in parallel to each shore power outlets at each of the twenty locations.

Project News

Shore to Ship Power Pier J

US Builders Review

September 25, 2013

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Shore-to-ship power promises cleaner air and a brighter future

P2S Engineering, Inc.

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