California Health Care Facility (CHCF) – Stockton

  • Location

    Stockton, CA

  • Owner

    CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • General Contractor

    Granite Construction/Hensel Phelps, JV , Clark/McCarthy JV, Hensel Phelps

The California Health Care Facility Stockton is a $512M Design-Build project which includes the construction of 35 buildings totaling 1.2 million square feet on a 144 acre site campus-style facility that can house 1,722 inmate-patients. The site is surrounded by a 13-foot tall lethal electrified fence and (11) 45-foot guard towers with 24-hour patrol and a main vehicle sally port incorporated into the fence. The 35-buildings includes an administrative building containing visiting spaces, board of parole hearing rooms, and staff services areas, a food services kitchen providing meals for patient-inmates, a plant maintenance shop, a permanent work crew housing unit, a comm/lock shop, (2) material unit transfer buildings, a (4) unit family visiting building, (3) facilities shared services buildings and (23) patient-inmate housing units. This project has LEED Silver certification

Project News

Housing & Healthcare Facility

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

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Pioneering a Constitutional Level of Care in a Healing Environment


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CHCF Stockton

Clark Construction

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