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What We Do

Helix is a well-built organization from A to Z, and in all areas, teamwork is a way of life. Multiple departments shine at various points of any given project, but we all know it’s the team effort by which success is ultimately found. Part of the reason for bidding success and for prosperity within the modern realm of design-build is that on the estimating side, Helix is often better researched, and therefore, better prepared. A full-fledge estimating department has been in place for many years with personnel that follows global commodities markets for certain materials and building essentials. At the most basic and advanced levels, they ascertain the cost and value of a project, and how to manage those aspects with vendors and customers. This level of depth and detail enables Helix to bid properly or become a valuable partner with other contractors in big design-build jobs. Once the project is underway, a variety of Helix players perform their roles in advancing the team build philosophy toward a successful outcome.

Good planning on the front-end results in on-time, on-budget and on-task final projects. Our preconstruction services incorporate design-bid-build methodology that includes feasibility studies, schematic designs, design development and a final construction document before work begins. The Helix team of designers, engineers and estimators participate in all stages of the preconstruction process. The result is a proactive plan that anticipates challenges and offers solutions for cost savings and shortened construction timelines.

Helix Electric pursues design and engineering excellence with every project. From concept to construction, meticulous attention guides our processes toward the delivering the best results for the client. Below, a look at an actual Helix Electric installation.

Helix Electric’s project management capabilities exemplify the team build philosophy. Every new project comprises highly trained and educated construction managers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, electricians and estimators. Collectively, they possess a depth and breadth of international experience and are prepared to successfully build challenging projects.

Each project team is carefully selected to establish a balance of expertise that enhances a collaborative approach to perform for any client. Experience with similar scope, project delivery systems and client relations are just a few of the core principles considered when establishing a team that is accountable for the project's success.

From the start of a project, Helix estimators thoroughly explore what is shown or not shown on the plans — not just electrical plans but also the other trades involved. Most Helix electrical estimators have electrical engineering and design backgrounds and use those experiences to find more cost effective ways to build each project. Then the project manager sets goals and expectations and the team commences with planning and execution of the work.

Ultimately, it is this type of leadership and teamwork that makes Helix one of the most competitive companies in the industry.

Time and costs can be saved by utilizing intelligent techniques for prefabrication.  Helix Electric’s in-house team of skilled fabricators combine direct field experience with applied engineering expertise. Helix has long understood that certain structures and components constructed assembled off-site can save man hours and preempt bottlenecks during construction. While prefabrication has become more widely used in the industry, prefabrication techniques must be of state-of-the-art quality in order to achieve desired economies.

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At Helix, managing safety is an unwavering core value which is integrated into every task we perform. At the heart of those tasks are our most valuable assets, our employees! The organization regards the safety of our employees as the highest priority any supervisor can have. We have never subscribed to the age old axiom that construction is, by nature, a hazardous environment and some accidents are bound to occur. At Helix, safety is not about catchy slogans or regulatory requirements. It's about proactively protecting all Helix employees. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a 'world-class’ safety culture to ensure our employees are protected from all preventable incidents and injuries. Accordingly, Helix has one of the most effective safety programs in the industry.  

Workplace safety for our employees is both a feature and a benefit to working at Helix Electric. We have never subscribed to the theory that a construction environment is, by nature, a hazardous environment, and therefore, accidents are bound to occur. Instead, we’ve designed and implemented award-winning safety programs that have resulted in one of the lowest accident rates in the nation.

Helix employees receive an extensive safety orientation before starting work and receive another safety orientation at the jobsite on hazards that are unique to the project. Helix employees also receive safety training twice weekly and are subjected to unannounced safety inspections designed to eliminate unsafe conditions normally found on a jobsite. Incidents, although rare, are thoroughly investigated and policies are implemented to ensure an incident free environment. Furthermore, Helix supervisors receive extensive safety training every month.

Helix has been the recipient of the prestigious Associated Builders and Contractors “Platinum Award” for outstanding achievement in safety management and accident prevention. Helix first received the Platinum Award in 1999 and has received it every year since.

At Helix, safety is good business.