Black History Month Highlight – Jordan Fuller

February 26, 2024

Jordan Fuller


How has your heritage, events, or people in your life shaped who you are today?

Everyone has events or areas of their lives that have a place of concern. From a very early age, I knew I was a Black child, and I had a different set of rules to follow. Those talks were had with me early on and often. My family stressed to “always act right and never to create waves, to not draw negative attention to yourself, comply if the police get involved in anything you’re doing, don’t mouth off, do not resist, we want you to come home to us every day.” Those things made me realize that I have to talk and walk differently. I made sure that was groomed and looked professional at all time.


What achievements/sacrifices have you made to get you where you are today?

I wake up every morning and I come to a career that I love and grow in daily. My sacrifice was giving up 2 jobs for a quick dollar and to have the patience and consistency to grow a career. I learned to be patient with myself and the process because I knew the outcome would be better. I love building relationships with my co-workers, leaders and the people I work with on the jobsite. I’ve picked up knowledge from some of the senior electricians, but also from the framers and plumbers. I am constantly learning and I also teach as I move forward. I feel like you need to know a little of everyone’s trade to help when you cross paths with each other on the job. I’m always telling my co-workers that when I’m not at the jobsite you’ll miss me and the charisma and the laughs I bring. Sure enough, they let me know that I am missed.


Why is Black History Month important to you and what would you like others to know regarding BHM?

My ancestors were never able to see how far we’ve come, the accomplishments made and how much we have left to accomplish. But Black history is more than a month, it’s all the time. It’s important to know the efforts and accomplishments made by black people and people of color. There’s a lot that comes from people of color; it shows in our food, hairstyle, clothing, speech and sports.


How do you hope to honor Black History Month as you continue to achieve at Helix?

I honor Black history month every day. It’s the way I carry myself. I am my uncensored self. This is the reason why I have great relationships with others because I am myself. You see what you get, and you get what you see. That’s the whole reason why I never looked at the questions when they were sent to me. I wanted to answer authentically and not be prepped. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but that’s just not me.


Who or what inspires you to make your mark at Helix?

My mom and wife have been major supporters of mine. I inspire myself, to see where I was and where I’m going has been huge for me. My crew and my Superintendents are also major inspirations for me. I want to thrive at the jobsite and I want my crew to thrive as well. So, if I’m thriving at the jobsite then I know all of us are.