Black History Month Highlight – Deajion Linton

February 16, 2024

Deajion Linton


How has your heritage, events, or people in your life shaped who you are today?

My grandfather has had the most significant influence on shaping who I am today. His wisdom and guidance have been invaluable, teaching me countless lessons. I am grateful for everything that I have experienced in life. His lesson to find joy in the present moment and avoid unnecessary complaints has stayed with me


What achievements/sacrifices have you made to get you where you are today?

No sacrifices, plenty of achievements. Originating from Jamaica, I previously worked as a bartender at a resort. I met my wonderful wife in Jamaica before relocating to the US in 2015. I pursued electrical studies for two years in high school from 1999 to 2001 and joined Helix in 2019


Why is Black History Month important to you and what would you like others to know about this month.

Black History Month holds significance for me as it’s a period when black individuals feel truly seen and acknowledged on a global scale. It serves as a reminder of a time when black voices were silenced and now being recognized worldwide. This month offers a chance for people to discover black heroes often overlooked in traditional education. It’s an opportunity to understand the challenges my ancestors faced in paving the way for me to pursue the American dream.


Who or what inspires you to make your mark at Helix?

I celebrate Black History Month by upholding my identity as a proud and positive Black man, remaining true to myself, embracing others, and appreciating the diversity promoted by Helix. Being part of the Helix family brings me joy, and I plan on being here for a long time.


How do you plan to recognize others as they achieve at Helix?

I love Helix and appreciate how the company operates and prioritizes our well-being. Their safety-focused approach ensures we return home safely. Adam Perry has inspired me to excel in my career. He’s been a great mentor throughout my time at Helix and I aspire to be a Superintendent one day, because of him.