Shutting Down a Giant

January 17, 2022

Shutting Down a Giant


Helix Electric completed a two year planned shutdown, and cut over, at Metropolitan Water District’s Joseph Jensen Plant. The Joseph Jensen Water Treatment Plant is located in Granada Hills, CA, and distributes water to the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and central Los Angeles. Jensen is the Metropolitan’s largest water treatment plant, the largest west of the Mississippi River, with a capacity of 750 million gallons a day.


The plant shutdown lasted 6 days, with crews working 24-hours a day to complete the replacement of the old electrical equipment. The orchestration of this shutdown began in late 2019. The commitment of the team on this project completed the task safely and successfully. The plant is now up and running, and the Metropolitan Water District is very pleased.


The Joseph Jensen Water Treatment Plant shutdown exemplifies why team Helix is consistently known for extraordinary results!



The success of a huge operation like this is due solely to our team of extraordinary electricians and project managers. The Superintendent, Andrew Dey, played a key role in getting the project off the ground, and assisted during the shutdown. Lead Victor Romero was crucial in going above and beyond to put this together to execute a brilliant plan. Victor stepped up to the plate as a Super and did nothing but grow and shine. Gladys Nagao, the Senior Project Manager, spent countless hours getting this job set up and continuously worked in tandem with Victor. Lastly, Dennis Ashton, the project Operation Manager assisted the team as a conduit for the company while instilling his wisdom and knowledge into his team.